About DCOne

DCOne Connect is a Certified Minority Owned Business
DCOne Connect is a Certified Minority Owned Business

Connecting Businesses with ContratorsDCOne was established in 2011 by its president Pierre Dunn Jr. Since its beginnings the focus of DCOne has been to develop tools that make it easier for service providers to connect with customers and, conversely, for customers to find reliable and affordable contract services.

As the years progressed Mr. Dunn and his team refined their ideas and offerings to a point where now, in 2015, DCOne is rolling out the Alpha version of its first product: Connect. Connect is specifically focused on connecting Contractors with Businesses.

"We simply want to change the way Businesses and Contractors interact."

Pierre Dunn Jr., President

DCOne is an LLC based in Indianapolis, Indiana. DCOne Connect's initial "alpha" release is being made available to Indianapolis and the outlying areas with plans to expand rapidly over the coming year.